Email Tracking & Read Receipt

If you are like us and sometimes you need to know if your email is read by the recipient for critical emails then here are a couple of options for you. 

So what can you do?
Option 1 (not ideal)

Outlook and other email clients have an option to use Read Receipts, but this method is not ideal as the recipients could choose not to allow read receipts, and many mail clients did not support it. 

Option 2 (Recommended)
Use Mail Tracking Software, this is a solution specifically designed to monitor your emails outgoing and let you know when they have been read.

There are quite a few options to handle this for you, including systems that take over the job of your mail client/reader.

Gmail Options
We use and recommend Gmail to our clients as it is impossible to beat.  

Gmail has several options for Email Tracking when used with Google Chrome.
We (dataNdesigns) have just started using and testing a solution called "MailTrack". So far it is proving to be very good, you can email someone and it will let you know when it arrive and when it was read.

Alert When Read
This alert pops up when the email is read by Recipient

One of the reasons we chose MailTrack is because it is a dedicated Tracking solution that integrates with Gmail and plugs in directly to Chrome.
When you send an email the status is able to be viewed in the sent folder and a pop up shows when the email is read.
The Email Status can be viewed in Sent Folder

An email is also received with the time read and other details, this is extremely handy when corresponding with people over legal matters or a situation where its critical the email is received and read.

The recipient cannot say they did not receive the email, which is a big advantage in some situations.

MailTrack -
A List of other tracking options -

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Date Published: Nov 30 2017 5:02PM
Date Edited: Nov 30 2017 6:21PM