Recommended PC Software Setup

Recommended PC Software Setup

We are often asked by our clients what do we recommend for a variety of tasks that are required when running a business and website online.

So we have created this guide to help you setup your PC to make tasks easier and handle what it is  you need to do.

Install Chrome
We highly recommend using Google Chrome as your primary browser, while it is true that chrome uses more PC memory than other browsers, it also does a far bigger job.

When you install Chrome, you should login to the browser itself by using your Gmail username and password, this integrates all of your Google accounts and applications directly into the browser itself. 

It also means that no matter what PC, Phone or Tablet you use, each time you login to the Chrome browser your settings, bookmarks, passwords and apps are automatically applied/installed.

Google Chrome also looks after your browsing security, if there is a problem with a webpage you are visiting or it is a known scam site, chrome will block it from opening and give you warning. It does the same with expired or incorrect SSL secured sites when shopping or entering valuable information.

Chrome also handles built in apps that allow you to block ads, remote desktop, check your sites setup and more. 

Install Chrome Remote Desktop - Link
This a great easy to use app that is secure and allows your IT tech, Developer etc to access your PC (only with permission each time), to fix issues and help you with setups.

Install AdBlock Plus or Similar in Chrome
This is a great one if you are sick of pop up ads or YouTube playing ads on your playlist, check it out, saves time and distractions from those annoying ads.

Check Out The Chrome App Store
Most apps are free and they can be very beneficial with both your work and play. 

If you have not tried Gmail, then you need to.
Google has poured millions into their web based email, and when setup correctly it really is the best option for handling and managing your email and multiple accounts. Gmail can be setup to send as your personal email address, and when used with your own domain emails, you can even identify which email comes from which address, and reply using the same address.
Over all there are too many options and features to list, so try it out yourself and you will not be disappointed.

Google Plus & Google My Business
Google Plus is Googles answer to Facebook, and while it does not have the same following and user base, one of the big things that it provides is your posts in search results. This allows you greater exposure for your business posts and info.
Google My Business is essential if you have a business, this gives Google confirmation of your business address, operating hours and more, meaning Google will then promote your business when someone is looking for it and provide valuable info including maps, phone, email and contact points.

Image Re-sizer
When you are uploading images to the internet you will often find the images are usually too big and need to be resized. This app is idea for windows users as it integrates into windows itself and allows you to right click on an image or multiple images and resize them quickly for upload.

Winzip or WinRAR are applications needed to open and access zipped (compressed) files.
Often it will be necessary when sending documents and images across the internet to compress them so that the size becomes more manageable. There are a few options that you can use, we primarily use WinRAR as it does everything we need it to and is compatible with many other compression software brands.

Dropbox or Google Drive are great tools for storing files online and granting access to certain people to download, update and edit. Either will work and Google Drive comes with your chrome and Gmail setup.

Google Calendar and Docs
Google has a massive array of apps that are already builtin to your Gmail account, these include google Docs and Google Calendar, Google Calendar can be shared and edited by other users who you grant permission to, and the whole thing is free.

YouTube Account
While very obvious for some, this is a must if you are posting movies to social media, YouTube provides the best mechanism to deliver your movies in the right size and compression to suit the users internet connection.

Big Stock Photos
As many are finding out, you cannot just copy any image off google images and use them on your website, you need to use Royalty Free images that you can purchase. The problem is that most of the images available from providers are very expensive, this is why we recommend Big Stock Photo as they are very reasonably priced and have a great range of images for every industry.
If you are going to be using images for newsletters, your website or blog, then get a Big Stock Photo Account going. We recommend using "Credits" rather than a monthly subscription as it works out better value in the long run unless you are using a great deal of images.

Google Maps
Learn and use Google maps, this app can be used on your PC and phone, and makes a great GPS along with a very handy way of sharing a location with somebody else.
To use this effectively, use the following link type to drop a pin to a GPS location that will never change.
Yes this is a bit more complicated to use, but it works very well and allows you to setup the link exactly like you want it.{INSERT_MAP_ZOOM}&mrt={INSERT_TYPE_OF_SEARCH}&t={INSERT_MAP_TYPE}&q={INSERT_MAP_LAT_COORDINATES}+{INSERT_MAP_LONG_COORDINATES}

Learn Some Basic HTML
While many of the online systems have text editors that handle the HTML for you, having a basic understanding of HTML will help you a great deal.

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Date Published: Nov 16 2017 10:53AM
Date Edited: Nov 16 2017 12:01PM